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Sample Inspection Form

     Without this information, you are unable to know what parameters were checked on each piece of equipment. If your company requires custom inspection forms, Specialty Biomedical will work with you to ensure that inspection and service documentation provides the information and format you require.

     All our documentation meets or exceeds the Joint Commission, Texas Department of Health and FDA requirements. Additionally, Specialty Biomedical’s unique documentation provides a closed loop for audit purposes. We provide the following through our documentation:

On-site support for Joint Commission inspection, FDA or client audits


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     Our documentation and in-depth forms set us apart from other biomedical teams. We do not give you a simple equipment list with a checkmark in the “pass” column; but rather, we provide an inspection form for each piece of equipment which includes:


Facility information

Equipment ID information

Parameters measured

Measurement tolerances

Actual measurements

Test equipment and analyzers which undergo annual third party calibration traceable to NIST standards


     We believe that you should get what you pay for whether we do your work or you have it done by another biomedical service company.  Too often we see vendors performing just electrical safety inspections when a full safety and performance inspection is needed.

     For example, a vital signs monitor should have heartrate, blood pressure, pulse oximetry and temperature measured and recorded, just as a start.  If you do not have this information recorded on your documentation, there is no way to know that it was done.