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Depot Repair

     Mail in service is a fast and economical way to have your medical equipment serviced - no travel charges, no site charges and no fuel surcharges.



Click here for equipment mail-in form.

Depot Repair Process:

Depot Mailing Address


Specialty Biomedical

3515 B Longmire Drive

Box #232

College Station, Texas  77845

- Mail your equipment to the address below with the mail-in form.

     No work is done on your equipment until the service price is approved. In congruence with our transparency policy, we keep you informed at every step so you do not receive any unpleasant surprises with the work being completed.

- Our team will perform a thorough diagnostic analysis of your equipment to assess any parts or work to be done for repair.


- A cost will be sent to you for your approval before any work is performed.


- Once you are comfortable with the work and parts necessary, our team will complete the repair and send back to you.