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     "I have worked closely with David Pokora for the last two years and I have found him to be dedicated, reliable, and professional at all times.

Diego Montoya, Facility Manager

Novum Pharmaceutical Research

     Specialty Biomedical opened in 2006 in College Station, Texas. After working in the biomedical field for over twenty years, founder David Pokora began the company to provide informative documentation and transparent pricing to customers, two specific areas in the field he felt were greatly lacking. He analyzed


     David Pokora is the owner and president of Specialty Biomedical. With over thirty years of biomedical

     David is extremely passionate about his craft and genuinely concerned about the integrity of our research equipment. He and his staff work diligently and accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner."

weaknesses in the general biomedical field, and created solutions to improve each aspect of the profession.



experience, Dave has worked in a range of biomedical environments. He served the Southeast Missouri Hospital as an in-house biomedical technician, followed by working for a medical asset management company. While being the Technical Support Manager, Dave coordinated with hundreds of hospitals and medical equipment vendors during his tenure. Getting back into direct equipment servicing, he worked as a Field Service Technician for one of the


     In an effort to improve the biomedical service experience, Dave developed a unique documentation system to provide customers with detailed and organized information about each piece of equipment. To further provide better service for customers, he implemented a transparent, simple price mark-up for parts and equipment.


largest biomedical companies in the country.